How to Cut Down on Sugar Today

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When someone says addiction, people usually think about cigarettes, alcohol or more serious drugs. However, what if I told you that sugar was no less addictive than the drug cocaine? Well, it might be shocking, but that does not make it any less true. The same harmless chemical compound that we use in almost every other product we consume is addictive, and not for good.

Is Sugar Harmful?

What do I mean Sugar addiction is not good when in actual no addiction is good? Well, there is more to the story with Sugar. Where most people deny that diabetes is not caused by consuming too much sugar and has other reasons, there really is a correlation between sugar consumption and diabetes; specifically type 2 diabetes.

Of course, the link between sugar and heart disease is nothing new and does not even need to explained. However, it must be said that sugar leads to weight gain, especially because of the hormones that stimulate hunger. Sugar is also one of the reasons that candies are so addictive and why children often ruin their teeth eating that sugar.

So, How to Cut Down on Sugar?

Since it is so harmful but also addictive, how do you beat the sugar addiction? Well, there are a number of ways to do so. Here are some:

·         Start Exercising

One of the best ways to beat sugar is to start exercising. You might wonder how this is a way to beat sugar addition? Well, the indirect way of beating sugar addiction is to beat your stress level. The stress that you take leads to immense sugar cravings. This is why you might want to eat a chocolate or cake while at work.

Instead of satisfying those cravings by sugar addiction, a much better way is to work that stress out. But do not just get into exercising without knowing what you are doing. Instead, you can look for a male or a female personal trainer at Get Going Personal Training. This trainer will know how you can do the right exercises to stay fit and battle sugar addiction.

·         Stop Drinking Soda

One can of soda has around 8 to 13 teaspoons of sugar for every 12 ounces. This is a lot of sugar per 12 ounces. But you want soda drinks with every meal no matter where you go. On top of that, you want your energy drinks every now and then. This excessive intake of sugar is very harmful to you and the best way to beat this addiction is to replace it with better option.

The best option, of course is water. Neither does it have any calories, nor does it have any sugar. However, we understand that this can be extremely difficult to achieve. Therefore, the best you can do is replace sugary soda with natural fruit juices that are much healthier and have no added sugar.

·         Sauces

You might not realize this, but the common sauces in your kitchen are sugar repositories. Be it ketchup, be it barbecue sauce or even chili sauce, there is sugar in each of these. Instead of using these sauces from organizations that do not care to cut back on the sugar content, you should try and make your own sauces at home. Try using fresh chili for your chili sauce and fresh tomatoes for your tomato sauce. Moreover, you can get sauces with no sugar content such as Mayonnaise and yellow mustard.

Moreover, these sauces will definitely be healthier than you preservative loaded ones that you buy at a supermarket.