If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, even those who are eligible might not seek it out because of the myths surrounding workers’ compensation. Here are some myths you should know about.

Pre-Existing Injuries Aren’t Eligible

Were you injured on the job or do you have a pre-existing condition? Most people believe that if you have a pre-existing condition, then you can’t receive the benefits. Now, there are industries where you are more likely to suffer first time injuries. For instance, laborers and truck drivers are most likely to suffer from workplace injuries. Now, when it comes to pre-existing injuries, if your work exacerbates your condition, then you may be covered for part of the injury. Workers compensation Portland workers rely on may cover pre-existing conditions that are worse due to the job.

Personal Doctors Aren’t Allowed

One of the biggest …

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If you’re like most people, you may feel just a bit apprehensive when going to the dentist. Then again, it’s possible you have an even more serious phobia that’s caused you to put off a lot of dental work. With today’s gentle dentistry, there’s nothing to fear. 

Accessible Dental Care 

Gone are the days of long, dreaded dentist appointments. Here now are the easier days of dental treatment that’s accessible to all. Procedures done now are much quicker than they used to be. Whether you’re looking for family dentistry Broomfield CO for yourself, a spouse or even your children, you’ll want a practice that offers all aspects of dental care. This can range from preventative, restorative or even cosmetic dentistry. If anxiety is a major concern, sedation may be an option you should look into.

From Cleanings to Veneers

Each dental patient is different. Some are lucky enough to only …

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Many people from around the world visit their dentist each year with a request to repair their teeth, change their bite, or improve their smile. If you are like the majority of those individuals, you visit the dentist for common cleanings, but sometimes you also want cosmetic improvements. That means that whether your teeth are yellow, broken, or crooked, you may visit a dentist who can often correct the issue by bleaching, repairing, or reshaping a tooth. The next time you visit the office, why not share one of these interesting details? Here are some fun facts about cosmetic dentistry to discuss with your dentist the next time you visit him or her.

Most Requested

People want a bright, perfect smile, so it is no surprise that the teeth whitening procedure is the most requested practice of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry Plymouth.

Amazing Enamel

The enamel covering your teeth …

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