Micro-needling has become immensely popular over the years as more women have grown conscious about the beauty products that they apply on their skin. Many would even go as far as to say that it is the only skincare regimen you need if you want to achieve flawless and younger looking skin.

For the uninitiated, micro needling/skin needling is a natural skin invigorating treatment that takes advantage of the body’s healing process following a skin injury. The process is coined as “collagen induction therapy” and can improve one’s skin condition by triggering the skin’s healing response. How is this so?

Skin needling pen – how and why it works?

Well unlike laser resurfacing and dermabrasion treatments, micro needling does not rely on any external factors to get results. All you need is a device such as a skin micro-needling pen designed to induce tiny microscopic injuries that are large enough …

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You probably worry about harsh chemicals jeopardizing your family’s health, but sometimes it seems like chemicals are our only choice. How else can we get our homes clean? Fortunately, there are some good old fashioned cleaning methods your grandmother probably relied on that will still outshine and out clean many of the so-called ”excellent” cleansers that we have become accustomed to.


Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant as well as a streak-free glass cleaner. Keep some in a spray bottle, and grab it instead of your commercial glass cleaners. It actually works better and doesn’t rely on any chemicals. It also makes a great all-purpose cleaner, and when you use it in conjunction with baking soda in your drains, it will quickly get rid of built-up grime and leave a fresh scent behind.

Baking Soda

In addition to cleaning drains, this amazing powder can eliminate odors throughout the …

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Many people will need to have an x-ray at some point in your life. These are used to diagnose a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Are you in a situation where an x-ray will be needed? If this is the case, you will need to start looking for the right radiology facility to have your x-rays taken. In many cases, you can find less expensive radiology facilities that are not associated with hospitals. This will save you money if you do not have medical insurance. Here are some of the most crucial questions that you need to pose to a radiology facility.

1. Do you use the most advanced and current equipment?

You should never assume that the equipment used by a radiology facility is state of the art. This will not be the case in many instances. The reality is that radiology equipment is very expensive. This means …

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