Uncover The Factors That Effects Duration Of Detoxification Regardless To Substances

Getting rid of alcohol or drug dependency is not an easy task. If you or your loved one is trying to recover from the state then you need to act with patience and calmness.

People are many who start drinking casually in parties, in social get-togethers, and often to celebrate success or happiness. But they never know when their drinking amusement turns into their habit and the habit will be proven hard to deny.

Overview of Detoxification

When you are in the same boat and you are finding way to withdraw the alcohol or drug dependency, you can try alcohol or drug detoxification. Most of the rehab centers offer the drug detoxification as the primary step to abolish drug or alcohol dependency. Actually, the human body starts adjusting to chemical substances in between brain and body, and the body becomes dependent to the harmful chemical substances. Here comes the aid of detoxification. During detoxification process, it is tried to remove the physical dependency in drug or alcoholic substances via medical aids.

  • Detoxification helps to control the withdrawal process in a better way.
  • The process also fastens the recovery process and increases the comfort level of people struggling to leave drug dependency.

During withdrawal process, patients suffer a lot to get back into normal life. Detoxification is such medical aid that not only eases the process but also helps patients to recover the situation clean and safe.

Go Safe Withdrawal Process with Right Detoxification

Detoxification process is not same for every drug or alcohol addict. It varies depending on the substances that an addict has been taking for long time. Detoxification is undergone in three various modes,

  • Social or Non-Medical Detoxification
  • Medical Detoxification
  • Ultra Rapid Detoxification

Moreover, different kinds of detoxification processes are applied to fasten and control the withdrawal process. Let us have a look at the detoxification types on the basis of substance consumption.

  • Drug detoxification
  • Alcohol detoxification
  • Benzodiazepine detoxification
  • Opiates detoxification
  • Heroine Detoxification
  • Methamphetamine Detoxification
  • Cocaine Detoxification

Rehab centers apply different detoxification programs to deal with different substance consumption. Even, it is taken care properly that each patient gets medical aid along with emotional and psychological assistance.

Factors Effects on Duration of Detoxification

No doubt, detoxification program helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms and consequences faster. But have you ever though how does long the detox program last? What is the actual duration of detoxification program? If you want to know the answer then you need to undergo the paragraph. The duration of detox depended on many factors,

  • The substance you used to take.
  • The class of substance you used to take.
  • The time period you consume the substance
  • The condition of your health
  • Your metabolism rate
  • Your body weight and fitness level
  • Your age is a big factor obviously
  • How much water you intake daily
  • Your food habit and your lifestyle of course.

Even, the substance you were using also provides effects on the duration of detox. For instance, you cannot predict how long does an opiate stay in your system if you do not know the class of the opiate.

It is very important to identify the class of opiate and the time you or your loved one consumed the substance when you want to mark the duration.

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