Contributing to a Professional Publication

Dental science continues to discover new treatment options that can alter patient care. These discoveries are often exciting and revolutionary. They have the ability to improve the health and lives of people who suffer from serious dental issues.

However, spreading the word of these discoveries often relies on the availability of publications that are dispersed among professionals in the industry. When you want to find out the latest in your line of work, you may subscribe to a trade newspaper, magazine, or implant dentistry journal today.

Getting Caught Up with the Latest News

As a new subscriber, you may be several weeks or months behind the latest news. You may want to get caught up in the fastest way possible. You also may not have a lot of time to sit down and read a printed publication.

When you subscribe to the publication, you have the option of reading the latest news on the website. You have access to archived articles and information. You can go back as far as you wish to read about the latest inventions, the news, and other trends that could impact your industry.

Once you get caught up, you can then look forward to receiving the publication on a regular basis. Each month a new journal will be published. You can access it online if you wish. However, you can also receive the printed version of it if you prefer.

Keeping your subscription current is not a challenge. You can set up your payments to come out of your credit or debit card automatically each month or year. You will never miss out on receiving a publication. You will also always have access to archives on the website.

Because this is a peer-reviewed publication, you are welcome to contribute what you know to it as well. If you have made a new discovery or uncovered a new way to treat patients, you might write an article about it. You can then send it into the journal to be published. You can find the writing and editing guidelines on the website.

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