For hundreds of year men have done little to improve or aid their skin other than washing it with soap and water. With the advent of self-care improvements for men, many are now seeking younger looking, healthier skin. For some, that means reassessing their current skin care routine and evaluating how they can help prevent early aging in their body’s biggest organ. No matter what type of skin you have, understanding how to care for that type of skin can benefit you for years to come. Here are four hints to help you keep healthy skin.

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1. Products

Most of the products on big box shelves that tout themselves as great for skin care are not. So, next time you visit your Denver Dermatology Clinic, ask the technicians and doctors about skin care products they would recommend you use. Until your next appointment, make sure anything you purchase to apply to your face is ‘oil free’ and ‘fragrance free,’ not unscented.

2. Shaving

If you notice razor bumps or ingrown hairs after shaving, it may be your razor. If you use a razor with multi-blades, or you pull your skin taut during shaving, the blades may be cutting too closely. Switch to a single blade razor if that is a problem.

3. Sunscreen

Use sunscreen when you jog, hike, or enjoy other outdoor activities. The sunscreen can keep your skin from prematurely aging, but it can also protect your skin from sunburn.

4. Moisturize

Although you may be resistant to the idea, moisturizing your skin is good for it. Moisturizers trap water and help reduce wrinkles and aging lines. Apply the cream to your skin right after shaving to obtain the best results.

Your skin protects you, so why not protect it. Find what creams, lotions, and sprays work best for your skin type, and your skin will thank you by presenting a younger looking you for many years to come.

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