Don’t Waste Money on Cleaning Products for Your Glass Bong

    If you’re an experienced bong smoker and you keep your glass bong at top notch crystal cleanliness, it’s possible you find yourself spending twenty to sixty dollars a month on products like Purple Power bong cleaning solutions. These products do work and they might speed up the process a tiny bit, but beyond convenience, you’re really only paying for the packaging.

    The best glass bong cleaning solution can easily be made at home for maybe five dollars per month maximum. All you need is 90{cc74c02cb39afdf5cfd66b58e2e6f90c646f0793fa3fb3df6682becbe34539d4} isopropyl rubbing alcohol and coarse salt, and hot water of course. A bottle of either of these things will cost you maybe twenty dollars total but last you months because you don’t need to use much of it. When you buy that Purple Power or whatever similar product, it is simple to just fill the bong with hot water, add some of the solution, shake it around and watch the magic happen. If you let your glass bong get really dirty over a week or two, however, you probably end up having to use a pretty large portion of your fifteen or twenty dollar purple bottle. The great thing about this homemade solution is a little bit goes a super long way, so even if you have to put a bit more time into the whole process, you don’t need to be wasteful with expensive products.

    You just need to soak your piece thoroughly with hot water than add just a bit of water inside with some rubbing alcohol and a good tablespoon of coarse salt. Cover the opening and shake it around like a musical instrument, and watch the grains of salt scrub residues away like it’s their job. Rinse it all out with hot water, use some cotton swabs to get into all the nooks and crannies, and watch as your bong becomes as clean as the day you bought it. For particularly filthy pieces with leftover dirty spots after this initial cleaning, submerge it entirely in a bath of hot water and a touch of alcohol, and repeat the process a few hours later or the next morning. Your bong is guaranteed to be fit for international travel at this point.

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