The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is becoming increasingly popular for its medicinal use. Although medical marijuana is primarily used to reduce chronic pain, the drug can also treat several other illnesses. Cannabinoids are active ingredients in medical marijuana St Augustine FL that benefit the nervous system, with THC and CBD being the most common types. CBD is milder than THC, known for causing euphoria. Both types provide healing benefits for many health conditions.

23 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Helps Restore Balance

Damage to nerve cells can cause your muscles to weaken. Neuropathy causes a stinging pain throughout the body and impairs balance and leads to poor coordination. The chronic pain will periodically go away until it occurs again. Medical marijuana can help treat neuropathic disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Treats Arthritis

Arthritis affects over 50 million Americans. Joint disease is a leading cause of disability and can get worse over time. An extract from CBD oil interacts with neural receptors to block inflammation, which can reduce stiffness and swelling. Knowing you can treat this common illness can greatly relieve your stress.

Reduces Traumatic Memories

Since cannabinoids are mind-altering substances, marijuana can also treat mental illnesses by blocking traumatic memories. CBD can resupply the neurotransmitter anandamide into the brain and works like an antidepressant by reducing fear and anxiety. This can help regulate your mood during the day since PTSD reduces your ability to enjoy basic everyday activities.

Improves Appetite

Getting the munchies can create a sense of unending appetite. This can help treat anorexia, a life-threatening eating disorder that causes body image distortion. Anorexia can lead to abnormal weight loss that becomes difficult to control the longer it goes on. Marijuana communicates with the brain’s reward center to help you feel better about eating again.

State regulations will likely require you to enroll in a medical marijuana program. You may qualify for a card if you suffer from other conditions and find yourself in severe pain. Asking your doctor to consider a prescription is the best way to legally get into the program.

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