Why Choose a Micro Needling Pen for Rejuvenating Skin?

Micro-needling has become immensely popular over the years as more women have grown conscious about the beauty products that they apply on their skin. Many would even go as far as to say that it is the only skincare regimen you need if you want to achieve flawless and younger looking skin.

For the uninitiated, micro needling/skin needling is a natural skin invigorating treatment that takes advantage of the body’s healing process following a skin injury. The process is coined as “collagen induction therapy” and can improve one’s skin condition by triggering the skin’s healing response. How is this so?

Skin needling pen – how and why it works?

Well unlike laser resurfacing and dermabrasion treatments, micro needling does not rely on any external factors to get results. All you need is a device such as a skin micro-needling pen designed to induce tiny microscopic injuries that are large enough to trigger collagen induction but not enough to cause significant harm to the body. In the process, the latter can deal with common skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, scarring and loss of skin elasticity.

Products like the Dermapen micro-needling device aims to deal with the most typical skin conditions. It guarantees a safe, reliable and pain-free skin rejuvenation experience that provides fast results that other standard visual treatments fail to produce for users,

Skin needling advantages men and women who experience the following problems:

Premature skin ageing symptoms and signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark areas, and dry skin.

Scar formation as an outcome of cystic acne, surgeries, and stretch marks.

Treats pigmentation anomalies such as when it comes to melasma.

Making use of a skin needling pen is not just restricted to fixing skin aging and scar developments, it is also advised for customers who wish to solve minor skin issues such as skin dryness, dullness, and irregular skin tone. In this way, skin needling can be perceived as a preventive solution that seeks to keep women’s skin looking young and vibrant.

What makes the pen an excellent micro needling tool?

The high demand for more reliable skin rejuvenation treatments triggered the creation of skin needling devices.Although there is no scarcity of skin needling pens on the market today, some do a better job than others and come highly recommended by skin experts. Companies like Dermapen have a solid reputation in this particular market and widely regarded as one of the vendors that provide the best experience when it comes to skin rejuvenation through skin needling.

Unlike the roller skin needling device, the pen is perceived as less invasive and painful. Women are often less intimidated by the pen compared to other forms of skin needling device,

Perhaps the best thing is that skin needling treatments are getting more affordable and widely accessible to more people. Skin needling cost a fraction than you would have to pay for chemical peels and skin resurfacing treatment at a skin clinic. Women go through the treatment with barely any discomfort and disruption to their daily routine. What more could anyone ask for?

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