Creating a Chemical Free Environment at Home

You probably worry about harsh chemicals jeopardizing your family’s health, but sometimes it seems like chemicals are our only choice. How else can we get our homes clean? Fortunately, there are some good old fashioned cleaning methods your grandmother probably relied on that will still outshine and out clean many of the so-called ”excellent” cleansers that we have become accustomed to.


Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant as well as a streak-free glass cleaner. Keep some in a spray bottle, and grab it instead of your commercial glass cleaners. It actually works better and doesn’t rely on any chemicals. It also makes a great all-purpose cleaner, and when you use it in conjunction with baking soda in your drains, it will quickly get rid of built-up grime and leave a fresh scent behind.

Baking Soda

In addition to cleaning drains, this amazing powder can eliminate odors throughout the house. Place an open box in closets, refrigerators, and sprinkle on top of the cat litter. You can also shake a generous coating on the carpet before vacuuming to leave carpets with a fresh scent. Mixed with water to create a paste it will scour stains off of your countertops, and it will even whiten your teeth.


Ketchup is a hidden gem when it comes to cleaning. Use it on copper, brass, and even silver as an excellent metal polish. Wipe it on your car with a soft cloth after washing it for a natural waxed finish. It even cleans cast iron pots and pans, and it can remove baked-on food when left to soak in it overnight.

Just like the way our delivery systems count on ista testing to keep the public safe, your family counts on you for protection from harmful chemicals. By using these old fashioned cleaning methods, you can eliminate many of your cleansers you currently use. Your home will not only look clean and healthy, it truly will be.

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