The organization of the meals and the importance of BCAAs


In sports, besides eating calories, we need to add calories. These calories, of course, must be chosen and calculated, if our purpose is to carve our harmonious body. Supply and cumulative added calories are very important. Studies show that in proportions of 70{cc74c02cb39afdf5cfd66b58e2e6f90c646f0793fa3fb3df6682becbe34539d4} the diet is responsible for the results of each fitness practitioner or any other sports discipline. But the diet should be varied according to several criteria: gender, age, somatic type.

In this article we will discuss more about how we feed or shape our food program according to gender, namely the diet of a man or a woman.  You will also find some info on best BCAA supplements 2018 – top branched chain amino acids.

A man consumes an average between 2200-2600 kcal per day, and a woman somewhere between 2000-2200 kcal, so it’s clear that a man’s diet does not fit in a woman or vice versa. By the way, we adapt our kcal, but in this diet, we also add supplements, which have an important role when we are part of the very active people who practice a sport. Right now, even if we find information about supplements all over, there are serious confusions, people associating it with steroid supplements.

And because of this, many people are totally refusing the supplements believing that following their administration they produce many side effects. But this is not the case, a very active man needs to supplement the diet daily because eating cannot accumulate all the nutrients the body needs to recover.

Menu organization for men

An active man who exercise at least three times a week has to organize his meals intelligently so that his goals are met and his mental condition is a very good one. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken regularly and there are two small snacks between these main meals.

  • Breakfast – it has to be consistent (the richest meal of the day).
  • Lunch – it has to be a “middle” meal, to have all kinds of food, but to be served in their natural state.
  • Dinner – a poorer meal as a quantity of food, but rich in nutrients and made up of a combination of vegetable fats and animal proteins. Find out more here.

Menu organization for women

An active woman, who exercises moves at least two, three times a week, has to organize her smart meals so that her goals are reached, and the mental state is a very good one. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken regularly and can be added at most a snack.

  • Breakfast -it has to be a consistent one that consists of all categories of foods, especially complex carbohydrates, proteins and a small amount of essential fat.
  • Lunch – it has to be the meal to give it energy and a good state of mind, but that does not mean that it will compare to breakfast.
  • Dinner – it has to be a poor one and made of dairy and seeds, seeds.

Supplements should not be missed, but neither men nor women should exaggerate and use all sorts of “fireworks” (products that promise to do miracles). No, we do not need them.

See additional info:

We need the following supplements:

  • whey protein with low carbohydrate gain
  • glutamine
  • creatine (in small doses)
  • amino acids
  • multivitamins and multimineral
  • omega 3, 6, 9

How do we prevent disease?

A healthy and regular diet will keep us away from the disease and will give us the satisfaction of feeling good and full of energy. The disease will cease to occur as long as the main concern is its own health. If this is the main concern, then the diet is healthy and very complex, including all categories of foods cooked in their natural state and positively combined, excluding excess sugar, especially the processed one.

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