A Quick Guide to Understanding Bail

From speeding to drug possession, there are a number of reasons someone could be arrested unexpectedly. If someone you love contacts you to say he or she needs help getting out of jail, you’ll need to understand the basics of bail bonds Allentown PA, and how to navigate the system.

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Common Conditions for Bail

Not everybody who is arrested is allowed to leave jail while awaiting trial. However, if someone does have a chance to post bail, he or she likely needs to meet several conditions. Common conditions of bail include mandatory check-ins while waiting for a trial date, not being allowed to travel outside of the state, maintaining employment, not doing drugs or drinking, and not handling weapons.

Ways To Pay Bail

There are a variety of ways to post bail for someone who has been arrested. Although unlikely based on the cost, some people do have the money to pay the bail price outright via cash or check. Sometimes, if a person has no prior record, he or she can be released without having to pay, a situation known as one’s “own recognizance.” Most commonly, a family member will need to use a down payment or collateral to ask a bail bondsman to get the arrested person out of jail.

Preparation is the key to finding the right bail bondsman. You’ll need to know the total amount of bail required as well as the name of the arrested person and where he or she is being held. Avoid agencies that offer prices that seem too good to be true, as they could be operating illegally. A typical bail bondsman will require 10% upfront.

Seek out a bondsman who has positive online reviews and who can verify being licensed. Don’t be afraid to ask a lawyer or even the detention officer for recommendations in the area. Chances are they can provide reputable recommendations that save you time. 

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