Reasons To Work With an Estate Planning Attorney

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If you feel ready to tackle estate planning, start with online resources. While pre-made templates are not a terrible choice for every estate planning need, consider working with an estate planning attorney, especially if an elderly relative or loved one requires professional healthcare at home Westchester County

Online Forms Do Not Account for Every Variable 

Pre-made forms may work with standard estate planning needs, but there is no guarantee that you save money by relying on online forms. Without a solid understanding of the contents of a pre-made form and your personal circumstances, using an online form may leave you open to unexpected expenses. Your loved ones may be the ones to pay those expenses if your estate forms are invalid, such as the financial or medical power of attorney, will or trust. By working with a legal professional, you can rest easy knowing that you have help to account for your situation. It is always best to get ahead of legal disasters before they strike, which can cost thousands of dollars. 

Estate Planning Documents Vary From State to State 

Another reason to work with an attorney is that different states have different estate planning requirements. For instance, in Florida, only state residents, blood relatives or a relative through marriage may serve as a personal representative. That means that if you list a non-relative or an out-of-state resident on your will, the state will not honor your desires. Laws also exist regarding who can serve as a health care surrogate or trustee. Choosing the wrong person without consulting a knowledgeable professional could mean leaving your will and wishes in the hands of a person whom you do not want to make vital decisions for you. 

Ensure that an estate planning attorney looks over your estate documents to protect your interests. You want your assets going to the right people, and you want the right people to help you honor your end-of-life desires. 

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