How to Drop a Few Pounds Ready for Summer



It’s not many months before we’ll be well into summer time. Whether you just want to look your best in the office or you’re planning to show off your beach body while sunbathing somewhere exotic, dropping a few pounds before you get there feels like the right thing to do.

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Here are some suggestions for how to get rid of the stubborn last few pounds.

Try a Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate eating plan that gets you off sugar cravings and onto something more stable. The idea with it is to eat only from lean protein sources but dig deep into healthier eating. While healthier fats are sourced in the diet, it’s not a low-fat specific diet because the human body does need a reasonable amount of fat for normal functioning. The lower carbohydrates force your body to burn more fat stores than it ordinarily would and has been found to improve cognitive function too.

There are quality Ketogenic approved supplements that help with weight loss for people on a ketogenic eating plan. There are several different types of supplements on offer including ones with Calcium, fish oil or Glutamine. Ketogenic Supplement Reviews is a good place to start as their company website provides a detailed list of the different Ketogenic dietary supplements available.

Low-impact Exercise

Low-impact exercises are useful for people who suffer from knee or other joint issues and who still wish to lose weight. For anyone over 40, they’re likely to have some aches and pains. If that’s you, then read on.

Some exercises are lower impact because they don’t rely on pounding the feet down on a hard surface repeatedly. Running on a treadmill or around the park takes a toll on the body. Using a rowing machine or an elliptical in a gym is better to preserve the proper functioning on your joints while still getting an excellent calorie burn into every gym session.

Swap Unhealthy Snacks for Healthier Ones

If you’re someone who likes to snack between meals, if it fits into your planned calories for the day and is a healthy option, then you’re good to go. However, that chocolate bar or other candy certainly isn’t a great idea when wanting that beach bod. You must resist!

We’d suggest looking for a healthy granola bar and some fresh or dried fruit. A packet of nuts is also a good source of protein if you do not consume too many in one sitting. Pack your snacks ready for the trip into work so you’re not tempted by the ever-present food dispenser or what they sell in the work canteen.

Also, think about what type of lunches you have in the office. You’ll need to be especially mindful of your daily eating habits if you’re going to meet your goal by the summer. Set a weight loss target and do whatever is necessary to achieve it in time for the beach. When you’re playing in the ocean or participating in some friendly volleyball in the sand, you’ll be pleased you made the commitment to your health.

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