6 Healthy “Harmful” Habits

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Applying a healthy diet, exercise and rest that is quite believable to lose weight. Unfortunately, what is applied by others is not necessarily able to work optimally on us. Sometimes, everything we do to get the ideal body is in vain. What is wrong? Well, generally it is due to wrong steps that we unknowingly precisely thwart efforts to lose weight.

  1. Reduce portion of food drastically

 Eating in the right portion will help you lose weight. However, reducing the portion of food drastically precisely makes the hormone ghrelin soaring rapidly.  hormone is a hormone that causes hunger. At the same time, the body will also produce leptin hormone that causes satiety. According to a metabolic expert named Nathan Trenteseaux, this simultaneous surge of leptin and ghrelin hormones will cause us to be constantly hungry. “This is what often makes us overeat and cause dietary failure,” he said. If you want to reduce the portion of food properly, use a balanced ratio of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats to make us feel fuller between meals daily.

  1. Deceive label low fat food

According to Trenteseaux, on foods listed as low in fat, most food manufacturers replace fat with sugars or chemicals and harmful additives. “Whereas our bodies need healthy fats for a number of processes, including hormone production and brain function,” he explained. In fact, to remove body fat, he says if we also need fat. Fat is a nutrient that is capable of filling, thus making us feel full longer. Consuming excessive fat can indeed gain weight. This applies to all ingredients, including carbohydrates and proteins that are also capable of making weight gain.

  1. Consume energy bars and energy drinks

 Energy bars and energy drinks do look healthy. However, they are only required when exercising for 90 minutes or longer. “Men usually spend 60 minutes or less to burn 250 to 500 calories while exercising, but it all depends on the type of sport chosen,” Trenteseaux said. According to him, consuming energy drinks and energy bars can make calories burned during a sport in vain. Moreover, most energy bars are just candy bars packed with empty calories and sugar addition. The same is true of energy drinks. “The best option is to consume water before, during and after exercise,” he explained. Adequate daily water intake is also very good for our body.

  1. Just do cardio exercise

According to Trenteseaux, just practicing cardio exercise will not be able to build or maintain muscle shape. Based on research conducted in BMC Public Health, a combination of cardio and weight training for 12 weeks can make people with excess body weight lose a lot of fat in the body. Strength training is very important because we tend to lose muscle while losing weight. muscle is a metabolically active tissue that will burn more calories at rest. This means it helps us to keep our weight in the long run.

  1. Replace sugar with artificial sweetener

Eating dessert with extra sweetener is very delicious. Unfortunately, the artificial sweeteners we add are very harmful to health. Artificial sweeteners may increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart problems. According to Trenteseaux, some research also proves artificial sweeteners can increase the desire to eat sweet foods. “There is so much research that proves the effects of this artificial sweetener,” Ansel added.

  1. Choosing a gluten-free snack Gluten free product

 Gluten-free diet has been believed to be a powerful way to lose weight. Unfortunately, the type of diet is not always effective.  “But gluten makes food light and tasteless, so when food producers eliminate gluten, they have to add other high-calorie ingredients,” Ansel said. High-calorie ingredients can be fat, sugar and starch for food tastes good. Therefore, gluten-free foods often have more calories. We can choose brown rice, quinoa, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. But, if we do not have a problem with gluten, reduce the consumption of carbohydrates that we usually eat.



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