Healthy Menu of Natural Ingredients

There are many good quality organic ingredients available in the wild, we can process them into healthy foods, both for the body and brain intelligence. You can try to cook and process it into a healthy menu to eat at home. What healthy menus can be made from these natural ingredients, along with their explanations.

Broccoli Vegetables

Broccoli is already known as a lot of benefits vegetables, from benefits to pregnant women to heart health and prevent cancer. Because the benefits of broccoli is also cultivated in an organic way because the benefits will be maximal. Processing organic broccoli can not be arbitrary because if carelessly can cause nutrients and benefits lost. For example by way of stir-fry, broccoli will not lose its nutrients because it does not experience high heating that is too long, it feels good too. One of the broccoli preparations that must be tried chicken broccoli soup. . In addition you can also make a recipe of nastar for family meals at home.

Strawberry Fruit

After eating the main meal the most delicious desserts are fresh and sweet but you do not fear the sweet that will cause obesity. You can create and eat fresh and healthy Organic Strawberry Sub. The trick is very easy, first you can boil 400 ml of water with 200 g sugar. Add 200 gr strawberries that have been cut into pieces let briefly. Turn off the fire. Let stand until cool. Mix the tomatoes and strawberries give a little water from the stew and add lemon juice. Blend until tender and store in freezer until frozen. Not finished until there, to meciptakan texture like ice cream, shake the mixture of strawberries that have been frozen with a mixer for 1 minute then freeze again. After that strawberries can be eaten anytime.

Organic Potatoes

The first ingredients are organic potatoes. For those who are running a carbohydrate diet will usually replace a high carbohydrate bread with a lower potato but sufficient needs especially when selected is organic potatoes would be healthier. One of the most tasty, tasty, and popular ingredients of organic potato is Mashed Potato. Make Mashed Potato can be created at will, if you want a spicy taste can be added with garlic, pepper, and other spices while for a more savory taste can be added with fresh milk and Margarine with the content of 6 vitamins that are important for the body. Organic Mashed Potato can often be made for the family as a healthy breakfast menu

Corn Soup

Asparagus and corn are two ingredients that are often cultivated organically, because it tastes sweet and tasty in a natural state. Both of these materials fit together in a dish of warm soup. You can mix asparagus and sweet corn kernels with chicken broth and chicken pieces. This soup will provide tremendous double benefits. Asparagus contains high folic acid so it is very good for pregnant women and fetus to reduce the risk of abnormal birth baby while corn is a source of carbohydrates and vitamins needed by the body and chicken broth that can restore stamina when sick.

Organic Spinach

Remember when watching the movie Popeye who will be strong after eating spinach, the film aims to educate children to like to eat any vegetables starting from spinach that is easily processed to be anything. If you want to choose organic spinach should buy a fresh one because it tastes more delicious and crunchy even though it is cooked. But you must be creative in processing spinach so as not to get bored with the look that is always the same. One of spinach processed menu that you can try for example Pie Spinach. By using organic spinach as the main ingredient to eat pie will be more healthy and will be liked by children. In addition to filled with spinach can also be added with fish and chicken meat to taste more varied.

Some of the above dishes are one option that you can create your own at home and can created own family fondness.


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