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In our busy city lives, we seriously have no time to think about our health and lifestyle or follow any fitness regime for that matter. With no sleep cycle and absolutely no resting schedule, we tend to make ourselves prone to so many diseases. The percentage of people catching life threating diseases is ever increasing that to mostly in cities mainly because of the life we pursue. With so much on our plate already, handling our health and diseases seems to be a daunting task which calls for a good doctor who can take care of such issues.

Australia is flooding with doctors who have talents worth trying out. Doctors such as Dr. Michael Zacharia, have the exact credibility that we need in today’s tough life. Dr Zacharia Bondi is not only a specialist physician but is also a well-known plastic surgeon that has been in the field for many years and has earned a very special reputation among his patients. The newer and advanced techniques used by him and his team tend to make the process better and simple to go through. The experts in the team make sure the job is decently done with absolutely no scope of any error.

Services offered by Dr Zacharia Bondi:  

  • Nose Surgery:

A medical procedure such as Rhinoplasty, which is commonly known as a nose job, is provided by Dr. Zacharia. Revision Rhinoplasty is another medical assistance provided and is performed with the best doctors in the team to make sure the patients get what they desire. Septoplasty and nasal fractures are also taken care of by him and his team.

  • Face Surgery:

Another category where the doctor has expertise in the face surgery which includes face lifts, neck lifts, etc. The doctor and his team understand the importance of a perfect face and are the best people who can you get you one.  They use the best equipment to tighten your skin and remove wrinkles, unwanted sagginess, blemishes, and marks. You can also get an eyebrow lift and cheek surgery from here.

Eyelid surgery is another specialty that is provided here which can remove saggy skin around your eyes, dark circles, and takes care of the puffy skin around the area.

Fat transfer is another popular cosmetic procedure provided by Dr. Zacharia that includes transferring fat from areas like abdomen and thighs and putting it in areas that are extra wrinkly and need a lift. This comes as a natural process without much use of chemicals and harmful products on your skin.

  • Non-surgical and laser treatments:

Along with all the surgical processes provided with Dr. Zacharia, they also have a variety of non-surgical treatments that include no chemicals and are absolutely safe for the skin. Get your pigmentation, sun damage, spotting removed with the help of ICON MAX G that can turn your wrinkles away in no time.

You also get skin rejuvenation treatments that can make your skin glow like never before.

Contact Dr Zacharia Bondi to get an early appointment and make the most out of his expert medical treatment to restore your beauty in no time.     

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