Three Common Types of Chronic Pain and How to Address Them

Chronic pain is a widespread condition among people of all ages and backgrounds. While there are many types of chronic pain and factors that may cause them, the most common are headaches, lower back pain and joint pain. If you suffer from one of these conditions, here are some ways to help manage and alleviate symptoms.

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Frequent headaches can be difficult to battle, but some professionals offer migraine treatment jacksonville fl. Many of these offices perform non-invasive procedures to help alleviate pain at its source, which can often be improper posture and alignment in the body. Stress management, sufficient rest and constant hydration should be at the top of your list if you suffer from headaches often. Some people have found that taking a magnesium supplement can also be helpful.

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back can make the most common and frequent motions and tasks feel unbearable. Be sure you’re sleeping on a high-quality, supportive mattress while lying flat on your back and elevating your knees. It’s important to stretch, so try yoga for back pain and use a foam roller daily to help align the spine and reduce pressure. Pay attention to your posture by purchasing a simple correction device, and be sure your back is well supported while seated, especially when driving or sitting at a desk.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Joint pain is usually caused by inflammation. Since this is an internal issue, joint pain is often best treated from the inside out. Switch to an anti-inflammatory diet by eliminating too much processed food and cutting out refined sugars. Drink plenty of water and consume a diet rich in leafy green vegetables and fish. Add supplements to your diet that are known to help with joint pain, such as omega 3 fatty acids. Stay active, but avoid exercise that is strenuous on the joints. Walking on a flat surface with supportive shoes or swimming are great options.

Be sure to seek medical evaluation for your chronic pain. Then take charge to keep it manageable from day to day.

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