These Pedicure Benefits for Nail and Foot Health

Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for your feet and toenails. This treatment is usually done in a nail salon, rather than a beauty salon in general.

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More than just foot care, pedicure is believed to provide a number of health benefits. In addition to making the feet become more manicured, pedicure can also prevent infections that cause disease in the foot area.

Pedicure benefits for health

In practice, this foot care is done by cleaning the foot area, soaking the foot in warm water, massaging and relaxing the leg muscles, to clean the toenails. Behind the treatment, there are benefits that you can achieve, such as:

1. Prevent foot infections

One of the benefits of pedicure is to prevent foot infections. This beauty treatment can help keep the feet moist and is very necessary to prevent chapped feet until infection.

2. Prevents calluses

When you walk using shoes or sandals, the skin will be exposed to repeated friction that can cause calluses to wounds in the foot area. Pedicure can help prevent and eliminate these calluses by increasing moisture in the feet.

3. Healthy joints

When undergoing a pedicure, you will also get a foot massage that can help nourish the joint area.

In addition, you will also enjoy a session of soaking feet in warm water while undergoing a pedicure. This session not only serves to relax stiff muscles, but is also able to reduce stress in the joint area.

How to maintain the health of other legs

If you are too busy so you do not have time to do foot care such as pedicure, you can also maintain the health of your feet independently at home.

There are a few tips you can do when maintaining foot health independently, including:

1. Use comfortable shoes

Using shoes that are too narrow can cause health problems in the foot, such as calluses or infections due to abrasions, which are caused by repeated friction of the surface of the foot in the inside area of ​​the shoe.

To avoid this, use comfortable shoes, at least your toes do not feel crowded when wearing shoes.

2. Don’t lend shoes to other people

In addition, avoid the habit of lending shoes to others because it can increase the chances of foot fungus infection that may be experienced by the borrower.

3. Don’t share pedicure tools with others

The following tips are also important to note for those of you who like to do pedicure treatment at a foot care center. Before undergoing pedicure, first ask the therapist about how they maintain the cleanliness of pedicure tools that are used for many people.

The reason is that pedicure tools, such as nail clippers or nail sandpaper, which are unhygienic can increase the chance of spreading fungal infections. It also needs to be considered for those of you who have nail clippers and sandpaper personal nails, so as not to lend the tool carelessly to others.

4. Do not let the nail polish stick for too long

For those of you who like to apply nails, do not let nail polish stick too long because it can increase the chances of growing nail fungus.

The health of your feet and toenails needs to be considered to prevent discomfort in your feet. If you are not interested in trying pedicure, alternative ways as mentioned above can be a good choice.

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