Increase Muscle Mass, Here’s the Way

Many people of all ages want to know how to increase muscle mass in a proper and effective way. Actually, the key to this is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly to maintaining daily food intake.
So, for more complete information, let’s look at the discussion regarding muscle mass below!

1. Adequate Protein Needs

The first way to increase muscle mass is to increase the consumption of high-protein foods. The reason, protein is one of the important ingredients in the formation of muscles.
In addition to building muscle, protein is also needed to help produce hormones needed by the body. This means that protein needs must be met every day.
It should be noted that each person’s protein needs vary depending on their body weight. Where in general a person’s daily protein requirement is 1.5g/kgBB.

2. Eat Every Three Hours

How to increase muscle mass will be effective if you increase the frequency of meals, so that the body does not lack protein and other nutrients. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is recommended that you eat at least once every three hours.
However, the food you consume should not be random. Make sure each menu contains balanced nutrition.

3. Consume healthy carbohydrates and fats

Foods to increase muscle mass that can be consumed are foods high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates function to replace lost energy and maintain sugar reserves.
If your body is deficient in carbohydrate intake, instead of protein reserves in the muscles will be used as energy, so you may be deficient in protein and cause reduced muscle mass.
In addition to carbohydrates, you also need to consume fat to supply energy to the muscles while you are exercising.

4. Moderate to High Intensity Workout

The next way to increase muscle mass is to do moderate to high intensity exercises.
Intensity itself is the weight of the exercise performed. However, when you do strenuous exercises, it is better to have an instructor accompany you to make sure your movements are correct.

5. Maintain Diet

The next way to increase muscle mass is to maintain a diet. Both men and women need to balance their intake of each nutrient.
Don’t forget to eat in moderation. Avoid eating too little or even too much food.
To help you determine the ideal portion, try to calculate how much nutrition you need each day. Call it, calorie needs, body fluid needs, fiber needs, and others.

6. Weightlifting Exercises

The next way to increase muscle mass is to do weightlifting exercises. Lifting weights is not only for men, but also for women.
Considering that lifting weights is a type of strenuous exercise, it would be even better if there was a personal trainer who guides you in doing this exercise so that you can reduce dangerous risks. Personal trainers can also assist you in designing the right training program according to your sports goals.

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