Biopharma: Why the World Needs Ultra Low Temperature Freezers?

The planet might be facing one of the greatest dangers ever recorded in its history. Of course, there were wars, natural disasters, and other viruses, but we have never been endangered so widely this way and never so many people were at risk.

The last time when humanity faced a deadly virus was around 100 years ago when the Spanish Flu took over the planet and claim tens of millions of lives all across the globe. Today, we see only 3.8 million deaths so far. Taking the fact that the world has almost 8 billion people compared to the nearly two billion back in 1920. Click here to learn more about it.

Now, we’re facing a much greater danger. Cities with tens of millions of people are biological bombs that can explode at any time if we don’t take precautions. Luckily, most of us are understanding the danger ahead of us and wear masks, avoid socialization, and take other precautions.

At the beginning of 2021, the vaccines are also proven to be working. That’s why we’re headed toward reopening our cities and going back to normal. Transporting these vaccines from the factories to the patients is a challenge of its own. We need special ULT freezers that will do the job.  


The pandemic would never drop and would take millions of more lives if didn’t invent the vaccine against the disease. These vaccines need to be transported under a temperature of around -70 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is below -60, the vaccines would be useless.

This pandemic is surely not going to be the last one. The virus keeps mutating and new strings are coming. We need to be prepared for a quick reaction at all times. Having enough deep freezers like those from the Biopharma Services will prevent the virus from spreading and killing millions of people.

Blood and organ transport

Another reason why the world needs as many ultra-low temperature freezers are the fact that every day thousands of people die on the road. Road accidents are common and some of them end up fatally. People in these accidents often won’t die because of broken arms or damages to the body, but because of excess loss of blood.

Until they are transported to the hospital, they might lose so much blood that, their body can’t function anymore. If we have ULT freezers everywhere and we easily transport the right blood group to them, we might save their lives. That’s why this is so important.

Another issue that requires low-temperature freezers is the transportation of body organs. We all know how many people beg for organ donors so they can survive. From livers to hearts, doctors can make transplantations easily if they have a healthy functioning organ.

For these organs to be given to one patient, another one must die. As this person dies, the organ must be quickly transported to the new place. This transport must be done under special conditions and the low freezing temperature is one of them.

Fast and easy transport and storage

As we mentioned above, without these types of freezers there’s no transportation of vaccines, blood, organs, or anything that needs to survive in a controlled environment. When these living substances need safe storage or transportation, we’re freezing them until we need them again.

Everyone knows that low temperatures are causing every living organism to work slowly. In a way, the tissues and the substance in the vaccines aren’t aware that they are frozen. They continue living but at a much slower pace, which allows us to manipulate them and use them for the good of humanity.

Saving lives

If we manage to have lots of freezers distributed all across the world and be ready for action at any moment, we can save a countless amount of lives every day. People don’t have to die because we can’t provide an adequate blood supply or simply throw away organs because we can’t transport them in time. See here how to save a life after an accident:

Instead, we can produce as many freezers as possible and distribute them across the world. Who knows, maybe saving one of those lives will be the next Tesla or Einstein – someone who will create a better planet for all of us and repay us for our good deeds.


There’s no doubt that there are so many benefits from having ULT freezers everywhere around us. We can do so much for humanity with so little effort. All we need to do is be prepared, nothing more.

If we manage to create and distribute these items in areas where they are most needed, we will see a much safer world and we will see how people do everything they can to maintain this way of life.

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