Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be challenging. Parents have heard lots of tricks about hiding the healthy stuff in different ways, but sometimes it just can’t be done. There’s really no way around it, kids need to eat vegetables. Here are some ways you can incorporate them into meals that your child may not even notice. 

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Veggie Tots

Replacing regular french fries or tator tots with veggie tots instead is a great way to keep a meal kid friendly while still ensuring your child gets proper nutrition. You can usually find these in the freezer section at your grocery store, or you can find recipes online to make your own. Some of the popular options are broccoli, cauliflower or zucchini. 

Broccoli Crust Pizza

Most kids would eat pizza every night if you let them. You can let them have it more often now with broccoli crust pizza. These are similar to cauliflower pizza, which are a good choice as well. They can also help you remove some of the junk food from your child’s diet and help prevent you from having to run him to the kids dentist Jacksonville for a filling. 

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is popping up all over the place. You can find it fresh, frozen or even make your own. Just cook it on the stove, and it’s a delicious addition to any meal. You can make Mexican rice, fried rice or just leave it plain. There are plenty of recipes online you can try out on your little one and find what he likes best. 

Although your child may not like all of these options, you might be surprised at his reaction. One of the best parts about these is that you can always tweak the recipe to your liking if you make your own. If your not much of a cook, these can all be found in the frozen section at most major grocery stores. 

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