Toothbrushes, Enamel, and Wedding Gifts – Fun Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry


Many people from around the world visit their dentist each year with a request to repair their teeth, change their bite, or improve their smile. If you are like the majority of those individuals, you visit the dentist for common cleanings, but sometimes you also want cosmetic improvements. That means that whether your teeth are yellow, broken, or crooked, you may visit a dentist who can often correct the issue by bleaching, repairing, or reshaping a tooth. The next time you visit the office, why not share one of these interesting details? Here are some fun facts about cosmetic dentistry to discuss with your dentist the next time you visit him or her.

Most Requested

People want a bright, perfect smile, so it is no surprise that the teeth whitening procedure is the most requested practice of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry Plymouth.

Amazing Enamel

The enamel covering your teeth is thought to be the hardest natural substance in the human body.

Problem Prevention

Cosmetic dentistry can help prevent future problems such as teeth grinding, uneven bites, and tooth loss.

Missing Teeth

Statistics show that almost 20 percent of adults need dentures because they have no teeth.

Tooth Brushes

The very first evidence of a toothbrush, containing hog and horse bristles, was found in 1498 in China.

Dental Gaps

Missing teeth from sports injuries that require cosmetic dentistry replacement amount to an estimated five million teeth a year.

Toothbrush Magic

The common toothbrush is specially designed to contain over 2,500 bristles to make sure each of your teeth can be easily cleaned.

Wedding Gifts

In the British Isles, dentures were a thoughtful wedding gift until very recently because people lost all their teeth when still young.

Surprise your dentist with these fun facts, and then have him or her help you get whiter teeth, fix gaps, or repair chips. Cosmetic dentistry techniques can even reshape your teeth or replace a missing tooth. Your dentist will know just how to help you get a brilliant smile.

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