Reproductive health and the best medical assistance


The reproductive health term implies not only the absence of diseases of the reproductive system and its dysfunctions, but also the state of mind and social well-being. Your total insurance and confidence in a successful result is your first step toward infertility overcoming.

ADONIS Center for reproductive health is a renowned medical establishment which works with different fertility problems in a range of directions. More than 23 years in the field, 100+ experienced specialists and ADONIS own medical facilities – your own bail of great outcome, safety and confidence. 

ADONIS Infertility treatment consists of the complex processes in compliance with established norms of the Ukrainian legislation and worldwide society. 

Among the main benefits of using ADONIS services are:

  • Highly professional diagnosis 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory provides a wide list of examinations for every patient that goes through the ADONIS Infertility treatment. Proper conducting of diagnosis helps to select the most suitable Program, develop individually adapted treatment plans and reach the best results. 

We ensure the highest quality of equipment with all certifications, tests and approvals. 

  • Innovative services of worldwide standards

ADONIS private Fertility clinic always follow the newest tendencies and add the newest services which help to overcome infertility. 

The latest Andrology field is included into the ADONIS services. With the help of special examinations for men, your fertility problems are nearly complete. 

  • Special possibility of investment in the future 

ADONIS ‘own cryobank provides the service of storing the genetic material for a defined period. We create the proper environment in accordance with temperature conditions, box separation and total control by specialists. It will help you to use the quality genetic material for your future needs. The opportunity of investment in the future is really affordable in ADONIS. 

  • Delivery process control

ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals in the green ecological zone of the Kyiv (Ukraine), help to control every step of the delivery and ensure the professional medical help from ADONIS specialists. The whole range of special equipment and accommodations in case of emergency is available, your comfort and the comfort of your future baby is totally provided. 

The services that make you healthy and happy, the services that help you to overcome fertility problems and realize the dream of baby birth – all of these services are available in ADONIS Reproductive Center, the clients from the whole world confirm that. 

Use the best treatment in the list of ADONIS directions: 

  • IVF treatment
  • Surrogacy Programs
  • Prenatal care services 
  • Delivery process

ADONIS Fertility clinics provide several options for IVF and Surrogacy treatment – there are no desperate cases when we talk about ADONIS professional medical help. 

Choose the Program that fits you best and make your life more colorful and filled with love. ADONIS Medical Group of Companies – is your chance of a dream coming true. 

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