Process Of The Implant

Missing or broken teeth can often decrease the self-esteem that you have. They can also impact the function of your mouth, making it difficult to eat some foods and making it difficult to talk normally. Fortunately, dental implants Arlington Heights IL dentists can place are an option to consider.

Dental implants are considered an outpatient procedure. You can go home after the procedure, but you might want to have someone drive you or stay with you for a few hours after you get home, especially if you had any kind of sedation. The tooth that is damaged is extracted before the implant is placed. If it’s broken, then the fragments have to be carefully removed so that none are left behind. Sometimes, an oral surgeon might be required to remove your tooth.

Once the tooth is removed, then your dentist will look at the area to determine if the tissue and the bone in your jaw are healthy. If the bone is not healthy enough, then a bone graft might be needed before the implant can be placed. While this will likely prolong the process, it’s necessary so that there is a sturdy bone in place for the implant. If there is unhealthy bone, then it could deteriorate, which would mean that the implant comes out or shifts. When the bone is healed, then the implant can be placed. This process will not the entire day, so you’ll be able to go home and relax after it’s complete. Your dentist will likely give you pain medication as well as an antibiotic to prevent infection.

After the implant has fused with the bone, an abutment is placed on top that can receive the crown. The crown is placed when the area around the abutment is healed. There will likely be some pain, and you can expect a little bleeding. After the implant process is over, you have a tooth that looks and functions like a natural one.

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