Gm Sport Es-9404 Elliptical Machine

This elliptical machine is an ergonomic machine highly recommended for users of low or medium-level who want to train smoothly and without much effort. Being an ergonomic bicycle, it is designed to adapt a correct posture that facilitates the exercise and prevents injuries.

Why is ergonomics on the elliptical machine so important?

An incorrect posture on the elliptical trainer can cause discomfort and even injury and turn a pleasant and healthy experience into an ordeal. Vicious positions, when repeated, can degenerate into muscle and tendon injuries.

The GM Sport ES-9404 avoids these possible injuries and discomforts with its ergonomic design and the possibility of regulating some of its components.

Can the GM Sport ES-9404 be a good buy?

The GM brand is always a guarantee of quality and, in this case, it has been successful with an elliptical machine aimed at the most modest pockets but with very interesting qualities:

 A robust and quality construction: The GM Sport ES-9404 is a sturdy machine, built with good materials, among which its steel frame stands out.

5.5 kg inertia disc: In other analyzes, we have already highlighted the importance of the inertia disc when choosing the best elliptical machine under 500. The disk of inertia is fundamental in the resistance and in providing a smooth and fluid pedaling. The 5.5-kilogram disc of this model is sufficient to ensure eight adjustable resistance levels.

 Control Console: The parameters that the control console of the GM Sport ES-9404 has and that the athlete can visualize to keep an exhaustive control of his training are a pulse, time, speed, distance, and calories consumed. Many of the users who opt for this machine seek to lose a few kilos, so the latest information mentioned is especially relevant.

 Transport wheels: Transport wheels have become mandatory in many models as manufacturers are aware of the need to frequently move the bike in many homes, either due to lack of space or because the users use the bike.

Maximum user weight: If you weigh more than 100 kilograms or at home, various people will use it, including one that exceeds this amount, you are not the user to whom the GM Sport ES-9404 is intended. If it is used by someone who exceeds the mentioned 100 kg, it can not only affect its performance, but it can seriously damage your machinery.

 Little size: This model weighs 33kg, and its measurements are 78 x 47 x 125 cm. Therefore, it is a small bike easy to store and place in one of the rooms of the home.

Conclusions of the GM Sport ES-9404

You will find few elliptical machines for a price below 200 dollars and the quality of the GM Sport ES-9404 so, if you are going to train infrequently and smoothly and your level is a beginner or intermediate, we recommend you buy it.

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