Do You Need Gloves for Kayaking

Having spent a couple of hours paddling on a chilly North Wales river will undoubtedly make you consider investing in a pair of kayaking gloves. They will protect your hands from blisters, abrasion, sunburn, and cuts from sharp objects, regardless of providing warmth. 

One of the most significant things about paddling on a kayak is how low impact it provides. You don’t have any chance of knee damage from running on concrete. Even falling in the water is not a big deal. While you’re on the water, your hands need real protection, not your shoulders or legs. 

So, we can say that the best kayaking gloves are an essential item of the kayaking checklist. Some people think that kayaking gloves only provide warmth in winter. The truth is that they are one of the handy accessories that offer plenty of benefits besides the weather conditions. 

Why Do You Need Gloves for Kayaking

Kayaking gloves are essential when you’re on a kayak trip. Your hands are the only parts of your body, which may get affected in several ways. An excellent pair of kayaking gloves will not only keep your hands warm in the chilly morning but also protect them from getting blisters. The reasons why kayaking gloves are vital are in the following. 

Protect Your Hands from Cold

Kayaking gloves prevent cold water from running on your hands while paddling. In winter months, when the water is chilly, especially in the morning or at night, your hands may get cold and become numb. As a result, you cannot paddle correctly. At that moment, an excellent pair of kayaking gloves can be a suitable option for you. 

Keep Your Hands Away from Blisters

During summer, when the weather is hot, the scorching sun can burn your hands, which may result in blisters. In this regard, kayaking gloves can be a handy piece of equipment that will prevent most blisters. So, we recommend you always wear gloves while kayaking.  

Reduce the Chances of Cuts and Abrasion

Alongside blisters, kayaking gloves reduce the chances of chafing, cuts, and abrasion of your hands. You can also keep your hands safe from a sharp stone. If you’re enthusiast to go on a kayaking trip, invest a handy pair of kayaking gloves. 

Enhance the Grip While Paddling

Other than that, kayaking gloves enhance the grip that your hands have over the paddle. With bare hands, you may find the paddles slippery on your palms. It can be risky because the paddle might easily slip through your fingers into the water. 

Allow You to Wipe the Sweat of Your Face and Head

Kayaking gloves help in cleaning the sweat of your face and head during kayaking. They are also handy for people who have sweaty palms. Sweaty palm is a condition that can make it difficult to paddle because it loosens the grip between the hands and the paddle. 


The benefits of kayaking gloves are many. When you’re not using kayaking gloves, your hands will slide easier while paddling. Therefore, this will affect your paddling strokes. A good pair of kayaking gloves will provide you plenty of advantages, no matter the weather conditions are. 

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