If your elderly family member doesn’t want to leave home to stay in a nursing facility or retirement community, then consider elderly home care services. A nurse or nurse assistant will come to the home to provide the care that is needed depending on the needs of the person. The nurse can visit to monitor vital signs, make sure medications are taken as they should be and determine if there are any health issues that need to be addressed. A benefit of home care services is that the elder can stay in an environment that is comfortable instead of going somewhere that isn’t familiar, which can sometimes trigger health issues and risks.

The care team will meet with the elder and other members of the family to determine the best care that is needed in the home. Sometimes, 24-hour care is needed to prevent falls and to monitor other health conditions that the person might have. Hours and days will be scheduled that will fit with the rest of the family if there are members who are able to help with the care that is provided. Most home care services can help with planning meals or prepare meals for the elder. Caregivers can also help with bathing, getting dressed during the day and using the bathroom. Most caregivers can take the person to appointments or run errands if the elder can’t drive.

Caregivers who stay in the home 24 hours a day are beneficial for those who have dementia or who have physical ailments that prevent them from being able to move around the home without assistance. A friendly relationship often develops between the caregiver, the client and the family. The caregiver offers a way for the elder to have someone to talk to and to continue a social life instead of living alone without any kind of relationship with people other than family members. A benefit of home care is that the nurse assistant takes some of the stress off of the family so that they can enjoy time with their family member instead of worrying about the health and other issues with that person.

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