Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking tobacco?

There is a wide array of information to back up the fact that cigarettes are harmful for your health. Cigarettes always have a negative impact on your health and smoking tobacco can also lead to cancer. Though it is tough to prove that a specific substance causes cancer but there are several other correlative factors which contribute to the cause of this disease. When it has been proved that tobacco causes cancer, this is something serious. Immediate action should be taken in order to warn the public that they’re being negatively harmed by cigarettes.

Now the debate lies in whether or not e-cigarettes are safe and healthier for your body? Do they have a better impact on your body than the normal tobacco cigarettes? While there are several stores like V2 Eliquid UK from which you can get your vape pens or e-cigs, here are few things you should know.

Your lungs – What’s there in it?

Electronic cigarettes have got a cartridge which gets vaporized whenever you inhale. While there are some cartridges which consist of nicotine, there are others which comprise of different flavors in different amounts. If you take a health perspective, there can be nothing good which can come from inhaling chemicals as far as your lungs are concerned. There has to be no such long term study to prove this. So regardless of whether or not your electronic cigarette has nicotine, you are still inhaling chemicals. This can never be a good thing for your lungs.

Lesser the nicotine, the better for you

Electronic cigarettes are considered to be safer due to the fact that they contain less nicotine as compared to cigarettes. Even though you may select a cartridge with less nicotine, when you inhale it twice, this will automatically boost the dosage. If nicotine is something that you earnestly need to take, choose any of the other deliverable methods which are less toxic to the lungs. Try gums or patches where nicotine is delivered through a safer way. Decrease the dosage when you think you will be able to tolerate. Then plan to stop using nicotine over time.

Try to give up nicotine

Nicotine enters the receptors of the human brain and offers a response that is pleasurable. If you wish to give up nicotine, engage yourself in activities which can help you feel good. Walking can release endorphins which stimulate the brain with a feel good response.

So, whenever you’re wondering about whether or not e-cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes, take into account the above mentioned facts about your health.

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