4 Ways Air Pollution Can Negatively Affect Your Health

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Have you ever held your breath for a few minutes? How do you feel? Suffocating right? You can decide to stay without food or water for a few days but it is highly impossible to stay without air. But the air has gotten so polluted to the extent that it now affects the health of so many people both adults and children.

The major contributors to air pollution are the emission of greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, industries, etc. All of these also cause climate change which affects the ozone layer thereby affecting the air we breathe. It is as a result of this that most countries have decided to go green and explore sustainability.

Even energy companies are not left out. Sustainable energy is gradually taking over to ensure the world is free from pollution. On Collected.Reviews you can get information, and read up on opinions and reviews that will help you to choose a renewable energy company so you can also contribute to the cleansing of the air around you.

Let us look at the negative effects of air pollution on your health:

It Causes Cardiovascular Diseases

People die of heart diseases daily and according to research, the air we breathe is one of the major contributing factors to heart and cardiovascular diseases. Going by how deadly these diseases are, it is enough reason to keep our environment clean.

Kidney Disease

According to recent research, it has been discovered that exposure to air pollution is also a contributing factor to kidney disease. Scientists believe that overexposure to air pollution triggers kidney infections, which further leads to kidney diseases. When you keep inhaling bad air, it damages your kidney bit by bit, and this will one day escalate to a full blown kidney disease.

It Increases the Risk of Stroke

According to scientists, roughly 5 million people die from stroke yearly around the world. Stroke is also one of the major causes of untimely death in the United States, and in most cases, it causes disability in many people. Those who suffer from disabilities due to stroke may end up living disabled or disfigured until they finally die. However, due to the increase in the rate of stroke disease, researchers begin to wonder if factors like air pollution are a contributing factor to the disease, and alas, it has been discovered that the level of exposure to air pollution is one of the major causes of stroke.

It Causes Low Sperm Quality

This might come as a surprise to most people, but it is a fact that we need to come to terms with. Researchers have discovered that a high exposure to air pollution reduces the quality of men’s sperm thereby causing low sperm count.

The Bottom Line

Air pollution is a major worry to us all, and its resultant effects are damaging and mostly irreversible. As such, we owe it to ourselves and the environment to take actions that will eradicate and reduce air pollution in our world.

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