Unexpected Ways Extremely Cold Weather Affects Your Health

Winter weather comes early to Europe | | Al Jazeera
  1. Frostbite

Have you ever wondered why your fingers and toes, when the weather is cold, are the first areas of your body to get cold? It’s all part of the strategy of the body to safeguard its inner organs. Some severe damage to the skin and tissues of the extremities, otherwise known as frostbite, can result from that task.

During severe cold, the BBC notes, “the body retains its warm blood close to the centre, constraining blood supply in outer regions such as the end of our limbs. In extreme cold, particularly when bare skin is exposed to the elements, this effect can end in frostbite. Blood flow is limited, and the lack of warm blood can lead to tissue freezing and rupture.”

  1. Increased Pressure on the heart

When you’re exposed to freezing temperatures, whether outside or indoors, the heart needs to do more work. “The risk of a …

The Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Poppy Seeds Or Khus Khus (2)

NutritionFoods that wind up within the trash contain most of the same vitamins that Americans are lacking in their diets, suggests a new study.

Yeah Ishen I know if I would trust that source just for the fact I may go to subway and get a footlong chicken sandwich with cheese for lower than that worth. -… provides the same sandwich itemized for 300 calories much less. It’s well-known in Italy that mineral water can be a good source of calcium, Dr. Maria Luisa Brandi of the University of Florence in Italy informed Reuters Health in a cellphone interview.

It was not clear, however, whether or not suggestions that Loeb may need given in a gathering earlier this month was considered when Nestle crafted the final buyback plan, which is able to begin on July four. The ladies’s optimism levels had been evaluated with a questionnaire as part of the …

Tips for Dealing With Chronic Pain

Understanding and managing chronic pain

Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, not just because of the physical pain you experience, but because of the impact it can have on other areas of your life, too. Not only can chronic pain be exhausting and effect your lifestyle, but it can effect your ability to focus and set goals, as well. If you think that pain management Catonsville could be right for you, here are a few things to think about. 

Get Professional Help

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re experiencing chronic pain is seek professional help. A professional can not only help discern what kinds of therapy would be right to treat your pain, but they can also do a lot to address the root cause of the pain, as well. Additionally, many doctors and other pain management professionals will be able to help you manage some of …