Benefits of Neuropathy Supplements

Neuropathy is an often-painful condition defined by damage to the peripheral nerves and is mostly associated with Type II Diabetes. This condition affects about 8 percent of people over the age of 55 and 2.4 percent of people of all ages. Neuropathy can be caused by kidney disease, liver disorders and exposure to toxic levels of lead, arsenic, mercury, and thallium among other causes. It can also be inherited although in relatively rare cases. Although conventional treatments to treat neuropathy are available, the treatments come with a lot of negatives such as high costs, side effects, risk of addiction and the tendency of only masking the symptoms and not treating the condition. With such negatives of conventional treatments, neuropathy supplements can be the way to go as the supplements have many benefits that can go a long way in helping people prevent and manage the neuropathy condition. This article will … Read more

Racism Is Still Part Of The National Healthcare Debate (2)

Healthcare ArticlesMayo Clinic is likely one of the pioneers in telemedicine. Its electronic intensive care unit, also called eICU, is a key breakthrough. The setup here is completely different and rather innovative. Forty patients are monitored in any given day, though they don’t seem to be even at the clinic. Nurses watch over them by cameras and screens, in addition to telephone devices, the place they get to have a forwards and backwards with them in real time.

What an awesome hub! Thank you a lot for this. I started reading it expecting one more off-subject rant concerning the evils of socialism and Obama-as-Hitler and as an alternative discovered this glorious informative rebuttal to all the primary arguments towards common care, such as they are. One query to strategy when reading about hot jobs is how the opinion was shaped and what info contributed to it.

These two cannot be in … Read more

Three Things to Consider When Choosing A Family Physician


If you’ve relocated to a new area recently, changed insurance plans or are simply not satisfied with your current primary care doctor, it may be time to search for a new family physician. While this may seem like a simple task that requires little thought or effort, it’s actually a very important decision for you and your family. Here are three things to consider when you switch to a new doctor.


The Basics

Start your search by deciding if proximity to the school, work or home matters most to you. (For options in Houston, Texas, click here.) You’ll also want to research which types of insurance the office accepts to avoid out of network costs and fees. Finally, make sure the practice accepts patients of a particular age, depending on your family’s specific needs.


Doctor to Patient Ratio

You’ll need to find out which doctors are accepting new patients, … Read more