An Introduction to Cannabis Vaporizers

Vaporizing or “Vaping,” cannabis is exploding in popularity with all types of cannabis users. If you’re new to vaping or to cannabis this article will get you acquainted with the basics.

How Does Vaping Cannabis Work?

The principle behind a vaporizer is simple. It uses heat to extract cannabinoids from cannabis and lets you inhale them. Since it uses temperatures higher than the boiling point of the cannabinoids but lower than the point of combustion, it gives you get the effects of the cannabinoids without the smoke.

The Different Types of Heating in Vaporizers

Not all vaporizers use the same type of heating. In fact, there are three distinct types, each of which is detailed below.

Infrared Heating: This is a rare type of vaporizer which gets its name from its radiant heating source. It works by sending energy into the cannabis in the form of infrared light, raising the … Read more

A State of Emergency for the Opioid Crisis: Would It Really Make a Difference?


A recent study by looked at the Trump administration’s declaration that the opioid crisis would henceforth be considered a public health emergency in the United States. Though this could be potentially helpful, the study determines that declaring the problem to be a state of emergency, rather than a lower-grade public health emergency, could actually benefit the country in more ways. Would this change actually make a difference, though?

According to, public health emergencies last for 90 days and are usually meant to address serious but short-term issues, such as an outbreak of a strange disease, a serious natural disaster, or an accident that resulted in a large number of fatalities. Usually, these issues are expected to be resolved in most ways by the end of the 90 days (although the president can reinstate the emergency after it expires). While the opioid crisis has been a problem … Read more

Healthy Life Products

The Wholesome Life Course Unit uses an built-in approach to address the population’s health. The tendencies presented in this chapter cover a relatively short time interval. Consistent knowledge for wholesome life expectancy is only obtainable for the period 2000 to 2002 to 2012 to 2014; just over 10 years. Read more about Enjoy Your Healthy Life here. A short while frame limits the energy of any conclusions that may be made as indicators giving a summary image of inhabitants health have a tendency to indicate small changes over a single decade.

Healthy Life

Some indicators are solely obtainable at the particular person stage and male HLE at birth has been used for illustration in scatter plots; but the reference table accommodates feminine HLE at birth too. Read more about Healthy Life here. Therefore these scatter plots might be created to show the connection between the person level indicator and feminine HLE at … Read more