Cleaning the house with a broom and duster is a strenuous task. But, a vacuum cleaner can make the task easier and hassle-free. There are numerous vacuum cleaner brandsavailable, but the most trusted and reliable brand in India is ‘Kent’.

You must be wondering as to why Kent is the best vacuum cleaner brand in India! Well, there are numerous reasons that support this statement, but in this post we would like to list the prominent ones.

  • Kent Uses the Most Advanced Technology

How would you feel if you are spending tons of money and still buying a vacuum cleaner based on traditional technology? Unhappy, right! If you are buying any vacuum cleaner model from Kent, this will never be the case. Kent is famous for using the most advanced technologies in all its vacuum cleaner models. The renownedbrand aims to offer its customers the best and most upgraded …

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Marijuana, when abused, can damage health. But in the right dosage, this one plant can save human lives from various types of diseases. You should know this Pharmaceutical Cannabis. Here are the benefits of marijuana that have been proven by science:

  • Preventing Epilepsy Attack

In 2013, Virginia Commonwealth University researchers found compounds in marijuana could prevent Epilepsy attacks. The study that published in the scientific journal, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, says Cannabinoids compounds work by binding brain cells responsible for regulating human stimulation and calmness.

  • Relieve Glaucoma

Since more than ten years ago the National Eye Institute in the United States has suggested the use of marijuana to reduce the symptoms of Glaucoma. This disease triggers an enlarged eyeball which then suppresses the eye’s nerves and causes vision impairment. Consuming cannabis by sucking it, according to NEI, can ease the pressure on the eye nerve.

  • Fight Alzheimer’s

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Vaporizing or “Vaping,” cannabis is exploding in popularity with all types of cannabis users. If you’re new to vaping or to cannabis this article will get you acquainted with the basics.

How Does Vaping Cannabis Work?

The principle behind a vaporizer is simple. It uses heat to extract cannabinoids from cannabis and lets you inhale them. Since it uses temperatures higher than the boiling point of the cannabinoids but lower than the point of combustion, it gives you get the effects of the cannabinoids without the smoke.

The Different Types of Heating in Vaporizers

Not all vaporizers use the same type of heating. In fact, there are three distinct types, each of which is detailed below.

Infrared Heating: This is a rare type of vaporizer which gets its name from its radiant heating source. It works by sending energy into the cannabis in the form of infrared light, raising the …

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