Home Remedies for Chafing

Winter is the season for chafing. The dry air leads to dry skin which is uncomfortable and can cause embarrassing chafing. Chapped skin is especially bad during the cold months when there is no moisture in the air and the wind just leaches moisture from your skin. It can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Chafing can happen anywhere but it is especially common on the side of the face and between the legs where the skin rubs together. Chafing is also very common in athletes and people who are very active or very overweight. Skin to skin rubbing is the biggest cause of chafing. Before going to the doctor try these best remedies for chafing.

How can I stop my thighs chafing in hot weather?

Lose Weight

If your chaffing is because of a weight problem then the easiest at-home tip is to lose the extra weight. There are plenty of diets on the market but the easiest way to …

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